“Cherish” – what a great name for my favourite beauty salon! That is exactly what Elizabeth and her team do for their customers, they cherish them. I have been attending Cherish sessions now for  several years, beginning originally with nail extensions, but later trying other forms of being cherished and loving them all. I feel like part of their fun family and sometimes just drop in to catch up and I always leave feeling uplifted and recharged. The elegant, but welcoming atmosphere and the lively, yet soothing spirits of the team always work their magic. You’ll look great outside and feel wonderful inside. I heartily recommend Cherish as a totally beautiful experience.             Donna


I LOVE my nails and am never let down by the fantastic service and quality of workmanship at Cherish.  It doesn’t matter what I require, whether it’s an urgent appointment, palm trees painted on my nails or someone to watch my kids while I have my nails done, the lovely ladies at Cherish are there to oblige.  The atmosphere is relaxing, people are friendly and the product and service is faultless.  I highly recommend Cherish to everyone.    Tiffany
Going to Cherish for nails or beauty treatments is definitely something to look forward to.   The staff are super friendly, nothing is to much trouble and they always have exciting new products to try or gorgeous bling jewelry to tempt you.     We always have a laugh and afterwards I walk away with gorgeous nails ….… what could be better!          Megan

I suffered a sports injury and as a result could not continue with my exercise regime.  Being unable to exercise resulted in me putting on an extra 14 kilos over 6 months. I am 185cm tall with my normal weight ranging from 91-93 Kilograms and I went up to 105.   I struggled with various diets and went up and down, but ultimately I did not lose the weight.  It was suggested to me that try the HCG Diet and after watching various programs and doing a lot of reading I decided to try the HCG. I initially thought that it sounded pretty strange, but thought what do I have to lose.   All I can say is WOW, after just 2 months I am now stable at 87-89 kilograms. I found that with the HCG I did not suffer hunger pains and the great thing was that I could literally see every day my weight fall away from me.  I went from a 36inch waist down to a 32 inch, my XL shirts have been replaced with M sized ones, and I have found a new lease on life to the point where I can begin to do mild exercise without fear of any further damage to myself.  The girls at Cherish really helped me through the program and with their support I am now back on the road to a healthy life style again.    Grant

Beautiful You